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LaRoche Off the Table; Dealt to Pirates in Manny Ramirez Trade

Yes, Manny Ramirez was traded to the Dodgers, but the big news for A's fans is that a long-sought A's target (if you believe the rumors) is that Andy LaRoche is now in Pittsburgh.

It was all quiet on the Western Front for the A's today. Beane wasn't able to move Huston Street, Justin Duchscherer, Mark Ellis or Alan Embree, which likely means that the A's will be looking to make some of these deals in the offseason. I like the fact that the A's didn't go out of their way to move Street. I don't think he would've brought back much right now because his of-late performance hasn't been stellar.

I am surprised that someone didn't try and blow away Beane for Justin Duchscherer. I mean look at this stat line:

2008 - Justin Duchscherer 10-7 18 18 1 1 0 0 121.2 86 37 32 9 28 76 2.37 .94

And his career as a top set up man is just as good. Duchscherer has proven for many years that he can pitch and pitch well no matter what role it is. AND he's cost controlled. But at the same time, I know how GMs love guys with velocity. Maybe it's because Duke doesn't have enough time as a starter. Still, I don't mind because now the tattoo that I have on my rump isn't obsolete.

Part of me wonders if Beane stocking up on so many young, great arms in the minor leagues has led to opposing GMs to do nothing but ask for multiple young arms back in return. And if Beane is going to trade a Cahill, Simmons or Rodriguez (or any of the other good arms in the system), I'd want a young great bat in return like a Holliday or a Jason Bay (that ship hath sailed).

So, one of the most interesting days of the year comes to a close without the A's having done anything. They did most of what they were going to do with Blanton and Harden already. And it's obvious to me that no one was offering much for Street. Now we move to Boston where the team will be hopefully be getting Frank Thomas back shortly and at least we'll have some mammoth Hurt home runs to watch.

September call-ups this year should be fun as well.