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Thank You, Commissioner Selig, for Keeping Me From Seeing That: Rangers 9, A's 4


In what was basically a continuation of the second half of last night's game, the Rangers simply pounded the A's silly today. Duke showed up with his "D" game, and the Ranger hitters spent most of the afternoon tattooing the ball like a modern primitive on Josh Hamilton's arms.

Yeah, the game was about as painful as that simile.

Emil Brown and Mark Ellis each hit a meaningless late-game solo homer, the A's did manage to push across a couple runs against the Rangers' shaky rookie starter, and Carlos Gonzalez continued to show that his plate discipline is evolving. Aside from that, today's Cust- and Sweeney-free A's (and I) got nothin'.

The A's send Leftcakes out tomorrow afternoon to avoid the sweep.