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Open Thread: Game 100 - A's at Rays

From now on, turning 40 is a CGV. The A's started their long and slow ride to Tanksville right after my 40th birthday last year. Then fellow AN user Nick carelessly turned 40 on July 11th of this year - that would be the last time the Oakland A's won a baseball game. The last time Frank Thomas played? That would be on his 40th birthday, May 27th - the "5th decade" has not been kind to the Big Hurt so far. Need more proof? Spell "brew" backwards, take out the -- Oh never mind.

"Dallas Braden..The A's offense...This season right now...Waking up in the morning..."


The starting lineups, sans Ellis who was scratched (not traded!)...

R. Sweeney - RF
Suzuki - C
Cust - DH
Murton - LF
Gonzalez - CF
Crosby - SS
Hannahan - 3B
Bankston - 1B
Conrad - 2B

Iwamura - 2B
Upton - CF
Crawford - LF
Longoria - 3B
Peña - 1B
Navarro - C
Aybar - DH
Gomes - RF
Zobrist - SS