Duke questions team's direction

Don't say that I can blame him, but personally I would rather the ace of the staff just suck it up and take the ball every five days.


"It's tough. I played with all three of those guys for a while," Duchscherer said before Friday's 7-1 A's loss to the New York Yankees. "Sometimes you wonder as a player what the organization is doing, giving up on the season or what? But I'm just going to go out there and do my best to help us win."


"As a player, obviously we want to go out there and win. We're trying to win a World Series. I believe as an organization that's our goal also," Duchscherer said. "(But) when you start trading these three guys within 10 or 15 days, you start thinking, 'Are we trying to get guys in here that are going to help us get to there, or are we trying to rebuild because they don't think we're good enough this season?'"