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Open Game Thread - Game 97: A's @ Yankees

The A's send Sean Gallagher out for his second start since coming over as the centerpiece of the Harden trade. A's batters will be facing the young righty Joba Chamberlain, who is an absolute mystery to the English-speaking world, since there has been a total press blackout on him.

Let's hope that the A's offense is better able to bunch its hits this morning, and that Gallagher is immune to the fatal case of the yips that afflicted Greg Smith last night. And keep an eye peeled to see if Matt Murton is in street clothes, perched at the top step of the dugout, carrying his belongings in a satchel.


Oakland Athletics @ New York Yankees

07/19/08 10:05 AM PDT

Oakland Athletics New York Yankees

Ryan Sweeney - RF

Derek Jeter - SS

Kurt Suzuki - C

Bobby Abreu - RF

Jack Cust - DH

Alex Rodriguez - 3B

Carlos Gonzalez - CF

Jason Giambi - DH

Bobby Crosby - SS

Jorge Posada - C

Mark Ellis - 2B

Robinson Cano - 2B

Matt Murton - LF

Wilson Betemit - 1B

Wes Bankston - 1B

Melky Cabrera - CF

Jack Hannahan - 3B

Brett Gardner - LF