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American League Wins 4-3 in 15 Innings

Wow, I'm exhausted just watching this nearly five-hour extravaganza.

I'm glad that it's finally over and Michael Young is Mr. Clutch for the American League (sorry Derek Jeter).  He actually had two winning plays in the game, only Dioner Navarro got gunned out at the plate in the 11th inning.  Instead another close play at the plate on a sac fly wound up giving the AL the win.

And it's kind of funny, I've got to say, to see division rivals like Carlos Quentin and Justin Morneau embracing like close teammates at home plate on the winning play.

I will say that Duke had a bit of a rough outing, not looking as sharp, but then again he did pitch on Sunday.  I was kind of hoping he could avoid being used, but they actually used him pretty early on.  He only wound up giving up one run, but the NL guys were squaring him up pretty good.

Regardless, the American League once again has home field advantage in the World Series, so if the A's happen to get a bunch of guys back healthy and make a run at the Angels, well, the first game could be at the Coliseum in late October.  I'm just saying.