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Home Run Derby Open Thread

The Home Run Derby just doesn't seem that interesting to me.  Yes, it's got a ton of great young stars participating in it, like Utley, Hamilton, Longoria and Ryan Braun.  But if I don't find the All Star Game itself very compelling, there's no reason for me to find this all that compelling.  Apparently Jayson Stark doesn't either, but for different reasons than me.  He's wondering where the Yankees are.

That being said, I will watch.  My guess is that the righties in the lineup, Uggla, Longoria and Braun will be at a disadvantage because of Yankee Stadium.

So if I had to take a guess as to who would be the favorites, my feeling would be Josh Hamilton would be the man to watch out for (even with his zero homers in 10 ABs at Yankee Stadium).  The other I like is Lance Berkman.  Can never count out a savvy vet.

Who do you like?  And do you like the home run derby?  I would imagine I'd be a lot more into it if there was an Athletic there.  Yes, I'm that much of a homer.