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AN Day V: The Tailgate - - BUY TICKETS NOW!

Well, I am fresh off a weekend of an A's/Angels road trip, and after the game yesterday that saw our very own Ziggy earn his first career win in the most dramatic fashion ever; with the walk-off grand slam, I am ready to do it again!

Here are the immediate details: The A's have reserved rows for us in section 130 for Saturday, July 12 against the Angels. The game will start at 6:05 PM, and we have decided to tailgate before this game.

I have had a few offers of help (thanks, guys!), and it's going to take all offers from my Oakland natives to pull this off. We are looking for the following: a) people to come early and help save a block of the parking lot for this event, b) people with grills who wouldn't mind sharing to get everyone fed, and c) people who are driving to the game who are willing to bring chairs to the tailgate. I also need someone who does this a lot to tell me where in the parking lot we should set up the tailgate.

I am going to be the contact for all ticket information if you would like to sit with the group, and tickets need to be purchased from me within the next  two weeks. For the tailgate itself, it will be a 'bring your own meal' affair, and we will provide grilling options. I can't wait for this event; it should be a great time to meet some fellow ANers outside of the internet, and who doesn't like a tailgate?

Payment Details: Face value for the tickets for this game are $30 for our seats, but we can get them for $22 each. This includes shipping/handling.  All I need is for you to Pay Pal me at baseballgirl1976 at hotmail dot com, and provide your AN username, number of tickets, $22 for each ticket, and your mailing address. I will mail all tickets, unless you make special arrangements with me.

More details will follow during the next month, but we need to buy the tickets now. Come one, come all, tell your friends and families, and come cheer on the A's, as we have our very first AN tailgate!!!!