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A's lose 3-1

Eerily similar to what I was forced to write after last Friday's 3-1 loss .

I feel a little bit bad for Gaudin.  The guy is too good to be coming in to dominate for just an inning or two in games where we're already down.  I'd love to see him get his rightful opportunity to start again soon - but that's almost like wishing for an injury to one of the current five, who are all excellent.

Clearly Gaudin will step right back in if a starter gets hurt or traded.

Cust hit his 10th bomb in the seventh off Lackey, but other than that the A's bats were silent.

Carlos "all I do is hit doubles" Gonzales went 0-3, and has yet to draw a walk in his brief time with the team.  He's shown terrific potential...but when Swooney is eligible to come off the DL, I think Car-Gon will be manning CF in Sacto again.  One telling piece of evidence:  The Rivercats only have 3 OFs, and 10 position players total, on the roster right now.  There literally is no backup at 3b, 2b, SS, or OF (not counting Sweeney, who's there re-habbing). They may be playing thin in Sacto because the plan is for Petit and Gonzalez will return to them shortly when some of the seven A's on the DL return to health.

Hard Luck Joe Blanton gets slapped with another loss, despite pitching well enough to win.