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Open Thread: Game 59 - A's vs. Tigers

Ah, it's report-writing season, where all the kids are above average, Cust's fly ball routes are "refreshingly creative," madmongoose "facilitates spirited discussion," Pudge and Emil Brown are "learning patience," and I am "good with animals".

It's a battle of left-handers tonight, with Dana Eveland trying to bounce back from a sub-par performance and Dontrelle Willis trying to bounce back from not pitching since April 11th (hyper-extended right knee). Willis will be limited to 4-5 innings tonight, which sounds great to Joba Chamberlain right about now - his starting debut lasted only 2.1 IP before his pitch count reached 62 and he was yanked.

The starting lineups, in which the A's will send up five lefties in the span of six hitters:

Granderson - CF
Polanco - 2B
Thames - DH
Ordoñez - RF
Cabrera - 1B
Guillen - 3B
Renteria - SS
Rodriguez - C
Raburn - LF

Ellis - 2B
Crosby - SS
Cust - DH
Chavez - 3B
Brown - LF
Buck - RF
Barton - 1B
Gonzalez - CF
Suzuki - C