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Morality Court, Part Deux: Gotta Side With The Giants On This One

I hate it when my guys do the things I criticize others for doing. It's the Yankees who act like they're entitled to win because after all they exist, it's the Red Sox who act like they're superior morally, psychically, and in every other way, when they have superior talent on the baseball field, it's the Angels who act like they are supposed to get every call and that they only ever lose a game due to bad luck or worse injustice, and it's the Giants who act like the word "fan" applies to anyone capable of eating sushi and asking, "So when is Bonds coming up?"

Meanwhile, it's the A's who just trot to first base when hit by a pitch and don't head-hunt when throwing a pitch, who circle the bases quietly and efficiently upon hitting a homerun, who show the other team they can play without having to show them up, and who just keep exceeding expectations.

And then the A's P.R. department decided to run an ad in yesterday's Sporting Green, declaring that "The battle of the Bay is 100% baseball." Except "battle" was crossed out and an accompanying note explained, "Well, When You've Won 8 of the last 9, It's Not Exactly a 'Battle'".

The Giants took umbrage at this ad and I can't blame them. Granted, San Francisco showed its umbrage Friday by pounding out a run on five hits and putting up, well, not much of a battle, but that's really not the point. In continuing a marketing theme, there are ample opportunities to be cute or clever without being offensive or disrespectful, and the A's simply failed to walk this line. The Giants (throwing Lincecum and the lefty Sanchez) couldn't win the series? It's baseball, of course they could. The Giants are the only team bringing an anemic offense to the ballpark this weekend? I don't think so. "There, but for the grace of God, go I."

Perhaps the A's aren't just more fortunate to be in better shape than the Giants right now, perhaps they are more shrewd. Perhaps they are a better team now and figure to be a better team each of the next several years. I just hope that if this is the case, they remember to remain the classier team, because over the past 10 years the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, and Giants have all had plenty of success yet still have plenty to be ashamed of. I hope the A's win the next two games of the "Battle of the Bay" - and they will be battles.