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A's come out on Short End of Philly Stick

The A's, despite being anemic tonight offensively, did have one shot to make the game interesting and that was the eighth inning when they finally got to Kyle Kendrick.  The team had only four hits against Kendrick all night and the game was over when Greg Smith gave up one run in the first inning.

There weren't too many highlights to this game, but the one that sticks out in my mind is Ryan Sweeney gunning down Chase Utley at home.  Kurt Suzuki courageously blocked the plate to stop Utley from scoring.  I'm really coming to understand why all the kids are calling this guy Swooney.

The only other good news coming from the evening is that the A's are in talks to re-sign Mark Ellis to a contract extension beyond this season.  Thank goodness.  Ellis just seems like one of those players that needs to be an Oakland Athletic for life.  Yeah, he's not flashy offensively or defensively, but I would say that he is probably in the top five second baseman in baseball when you take everything into account.  Plus he is honestly one of the few players on the A's who I feel never, ever gives an AB away.

So the A's wrap up the series tomorrow with the team from their former city.  Then again, Kansas City is one of those teams too.  My question is, how many sports franchises can say that they spent  some of their time on the East Coast, Midwest and West Coast?  Not many.  I know my New Jersey Devils used to be the Kansas City Scouts and the Colorado Rockies before settling in the Garden State.  What is it with me and former Kansas City teams?

Rich Harden looks to go 5-0 against Adam Eaton who is 2-5.  See you here at 12:35.  I'll be really glad when this weekend is over and Interleague is in the rear view mirror, thank you very much.