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AN DAY V: Details and Last Chance for Tickets

I am purchasing the tickets for AN Day FRIDAY at noon for the night game on Saturday the 12th (6:05 PM). If you are interested in purchasing a ticket with the group for this game, please email me at baseballgirl1976 at hotmail or simply PayPal me $22 for each ticket you need. I will receive the tickets next week and promptly send them out in the mail. If you have purchased a ticket through me, you will get an email from me today or tomorrow confirming your address and number of tickets.

Because of a number of different factors, we have decided to reserve our own tailgating space in the Coliseum (not using the pre-paid one). I am meeting several ANers at the gates (open at 3:30) and we will pull our cars together to form a tailgate section. Location suggestions are welcome in this thread, but it is likely we will not know our exact location until we get into the parking lot.

Here is the suggestion from FreeSeatUpgrade, which I am going to use unless we get a better one.

If it were me I’d choose a spot around one of the lightpoles close to the far eastern edge of the A Lot, towards the fence between the lot and the East Creek Slough. That’s easy to find, fills up slowly so more cars can join you, and if positioned well near the pole diminishes the risk from oblivious drivers (not a small consideration).

Thanks to some VERY generous users on AN, it looks like we will have food and drinks at the tailgate for anyone who would like to come. You are welcome to bring anything you want to share with the group, but we will have food/drinks available.

If you want to park your car with the group (or can bring tables/chairs/BBQ), please let me know, so you can meet up with the initial group to set up the tailgate.

My cell number will be provided to everyone who purchased tickets, but if you have your own tickets, and want to meet up with the group without wandering the parking lot, please email me, so I can include you.

Please respond to the poll below, so we can get a rough idea of who we are expecting, for space and food reasons:

This is going to be very fun, so please come out and meet us if you can! And if you need tickets, let me know immediately!

Thanks! We will see you back at 7:05 pm, to watch the A's take on the Phillies again!