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Open Thread: Game 76 - A's vs. Phillies

Tonight it's the pitching matchup of Jamie Moyer against Joe Blanton, otherwise known as Cy Old vs. Sigh, You Again? As I celebrate (hopefully) my 41st birthday today, I feel young knowing that Jamie Moyer is still effective at the age of 118. Moyer, who throws a changeup and a slower pitch, is 7-4, 4.09 for the Phillies so far this year.

As for Joe Blanton, his kingdom for a win. Heck, his Kingman for a win - as in Brian Kingman, the last A's pitcher to lose 20 games. Blanton (3-10, 4.81) has earned the dubious distinction of being the fastest to 10 losses in Oakland A's history. Joe Blanton, fast - who knew? (That works on so many levels.)

Today's "fun fact": Not in the lineup today (I'm assuming he's not feeling 100%) is Eric Chavez who, career against Jamie Moyer, is a robust 21/65 (.323) with 6 HRs and a 1.043 OPS. Mark Ellis is also MIA.

The starting lineups:

Rollins - SS (I think his first name is "Oakland's Jimmy")
Victorino - CF (was he named by Rob Schneider?)
Utley - 2B (is the name "Chase Utley" aristocratic enough for you?)
Howard - 1B (he has a first name for a last name)
Burrell - LF (he has a girl's name for a first name)
Werth - RF (Without him the Phillies are Werthless)
Jenkins - DH (first name is pronounced "GEE-off," I believe)
Feliz - 3B (has the patience of a saint - St. Emil Brown, that is)
Ruiz - C (a catcher slugging .305? He must be really gritty)

Suzuki - C
R. Sweeney - RF
Cust - DH
Crosby - SS
E. Brown - LF
Hannahan - 3B
Gonzalez - CF
Murphy - 2B
Barton - 1B