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Open Game Thread - Game 74: A's vs. Marlins

Yeah, OK, so that gives the extra meaning to the phrase "high in the eighties."

True story: I get a call from my building manager this morning -- he's out of town for the weekend ... but he forgot to turn off the boiler in the basement before he left. Yes, the temperature is pushing 90, and our steam heat is radiating up from the basement. I am requested/instructed to go to the hardware store, buy a bolt cutter, clip the padlock on the basement door to the boiler room, turn off the boiler, and slap a new lock on the hasp.

Man, bolt cutters are cool.


Anyway, as I mentioned in the DLD the other day (it could have been yesterday, it could have been last week; I'm delirious from the heat) ... the only thing that makes summer tolerable is baseball.

More specifically, A's baseball. Winning A's baseball. Let's have some more of that. (And thank Ba'al, we're facing a righty!)

And Huston, no more homeruns, mmmmmmkay?


Florida Marlins @ Oakland Athletics

06/21/08 6:05 PM PDT

Florida Marlins Oakland Athletics

Hanley Ramirez - SS

Mark Ellis - 2B

Jeremy Hermida - RF

Ryan Sweeney - LF

Jorge Cantu - 1B

Jack Cust - DH

Wes Helms - 3B

Eric Chavez - 3B

Dan Uggla - 2B

Bobby Crosby - SS

Luis Gonzalez - DH

Jack Hannahan - 1B

Cody Ross - LF

Kurt Suzuki - C

Matt Treanor - C

Carlos Gonzalez - RF

Alfredo Amezaga - CF

Rajai Davis - CF