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Open Game Thread: Game 68 - A's @ Giants

PUBLIC NOTICE OF POLICY CHANGE EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY -- Given the starting pitching matchup, usage in this or subsequent game threads this evening of any the following phrases, metaphors, or motifs shall be considered a bANnAbLe offense: "country hardball," "power vs. power," contrasting the summer San Francisco night weather with the physical effect of particles moving at high velocity, any and all puns on the products or heritage of Canada contrasted with those of Alabama and/or the United States, or any and all puns on a certain Biblical filial pair.

We now return to our regularly scheduled game thread ...

Well. That doesn't leave much room for "creativity" in setting up the Harden-vs.-Cain matchup, does it?

Jiminy jillikers. Fiddlesticks. Odds bodkins. I'm at a loss for words.

Fortunately, I won't be inflicting my inarticulatealiciousness ... -osity. On you. Tonight.

Uh, any longer, that is. Until, the, ah, end of the evening. When I do the game wrap.

Thanks to The Dogfather, I'll be attending the game this evening. I'll have (cont.) game threads set to auto-post every hour on the hour. Use them as you feel you must. If anyone feels so motivated, post lineups when they're available.

Go A's! Go Braves!


Oakland Athletics @ San Francisco Giants

06/14/08 6:05 PM PDT

Oakland Athletics San Francisco Giants
Mark Ellis - 2B Fred Lewis - LF
Mike Sweeney - RF Ray Durham - 2B
Jack Cust - LF Randy Winn - RF
Eric Chavez - 3B Bengie Molina - C
Bobby Crosby - SS Aaron Rowand - CF
Carlos Gonzalez - CF John Bowker - 1B
Kurt Suzuki - C Jose Castillo - 3B
Daric Barton - 1B Omar Vizquel - SS
Rich Harden - P Matt Cain - P