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AN Day V - The Tailgate - UPDATES!

I am pleased to announce to AN this morning that we have received an anonymous donation from an AN user who has covered the entire cost of renting a tailgate area in the parking lot, so we now have a reserved section for July 12th's game!

Thank you very much. Everyone appreciates your kindness.

This section is located in a different area than the normal parking lot, so it is now more of a 'walk up' event, which we hope will be easier to find. We still need a couple of tables, and some chairs, and the BBQ's I was promised, but we have our own bathrooms (in the loose definition), and a place to dump our coals.

This is just a reminder: I am ordering tickets to this event within the next two weeks, so if you would like to purchase a ticket for $22 (regularly $30), to sit with AN during the game, please PayPal me ASAP at baseballgirl1976 at hotmail dot com for $22 a ticket or email me if you would like to send me a check (tickets will be mailed as soon as I receive them).

Anything extra you guys can bring (especially my Oakland residents) would be appreciated, since this event is 'bring your own tailgate stuff', which means we are looking at tables, chairs, coolers, buns, condiments, meat, drinks, etc. etc, and hopefully we can have enough extra to share with out-of-town ANers. I have a short list of people who have emailed me with offers to help, and I will get an email out coordinating some of this soon.

But BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!!! And let me know if you're coming to the great AN tailgate!!!! (Poll below for a rough count)