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AN Day V - Deciding on a Weekend

I just pulled the AN Day post I had prepared, mostly because I just realized that the last weekend in August is Labor Day this year, and the A's only play until Sunday that wekend (no Labor Day game). Our AN hosting crew is unable to make the mid-August series against the White Sox, so I'm looking outside the box right now.

I want everyone to have a chance to go to AN Day V, so I want to avoid a holiday weekend, unless everyone's vacations are going to be taken in Oakland.

I have narrowed it down to these dates (which will need to be approved by the A's ticket office and BBQ plazas), but at least we can get an idea of who is free:

Saturday, July 12th, against LAA, 6:05pm
Saturday, July 26th, against TEX, 1:05pm
Saturday, August 30th, against MIN, 6:05pm (Labor Day weekend)
Sunday, August 31st, against MIN, 1:05pm (Labor Day weekend)
Saturday, September 13th, against TEX, 1:05pm

Any suggestions or comments are appreciated; it's a tough schedule for A's weekend events this year. (Clearly, the A's were not supposed to be playing like they are!)

Please post in the thread below if you have an interest in coming to AN Day, and if you are a NRAF looking for airline/hotel information, I'm sure some Oakland natives would be glad to help out!

Updates to follow; thanks for your help!