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Open Thread: Game 35 - A's vs. Orioles

Justin Duchscherer, fresh off a bizarre start in which he couldn't shake off a Custian clank and gave up five straight hits, only to settle down and earn the win, gets the call for Oakland tonight against the left-handed stylings of Brian Burres. The A's lineup has a little different look tonight, with Mark Ellis (.228) dropped down to #7 and two lefties allowed to see the light of day against an opposing southpaw. Is Chris Denorfia not 100% healthy, or has he fallen behind Rajai Davis on the "righty CFer" depth chart?

Today's "fun fact": When he makes his start on Wednesday, Joe Blanton will be on pace to finish the season 9-23 with a 3.88 ERA. In 1980, A's right-hander Brian Kingman finished the season 8-20 with a 3.83 ERA. Aren't "fun facts" fun?

The lineups:


Roberts - 2B

Mora - 3B

Markakis - RF

Huff - DH

Millar - 1B

Scott - LF

Jones - CF

Quiroz (I've eaten there) - C

Hernandez - SS


Suzuki - C

Barton - 1B

Thomas - DH

Cust - Left "Field"

Brown - RF

Crosby - SS

Ellis - 2B

Murphy - 3B

Davis - CF