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A throwback game ... to yesterday and Friday: A's score 3

... but only allow 1. A's 3, Rangers 1.

Greg Smith looked fantastic today--his slider and running fastball were untouchable by lefties, and froze a lot of righties. At one point in the game, as Fosse and Kuiper pointed out, the Rangers 3-5 hitters were 0/7 with 7 Ks vs. Smith. Smith ended up striking out 10 in 6 innings, but all those strikes (as well as a few unnecessary balls in the 5th) took their toll on his pitch count, and Geren smartly pulled him after 6, Smityh's only blemish being a gopher ball to German Duran in the 3rd. Casilla, Embree, and Street came on for a mostly uneventful 7th, 8th, and 9th..

For that matter, Rangers rookie starter (and Burlingame resident) Scott Feldman looked pretty darn good, too. For most of the afternoon, the A's batters were confined to the infield. The 7th proved to be an inning too far for Feldman, though, as Frank Thomas hit a "double" on a high fly that Hamilton lost in CF, Jack Cust struck a typically (and increasingly frequent) Custian blow to left-center for a 2-1 lead, and the A's tacked on another courtesy of a Crosby double inside the third-base bag and a sharp single by Ryan Sweeney. And Mark Ellis nearly drove one out to LF for the final out of the inning.

Smith continues to demonstrate that he belongs in the rotation, Cust continues to demonstrate that April was just a cruel month, and the bullpen continues to just generate out after out after out.

And damn, did those throwback unis look good. With the exception of Frank's pants and socks.

Three more at home starting tomorrow against the Orioles.