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A's lose 3-1

It could practically write itself at this point:  Great starting pitching  and a meek offensive effort.

I'll leave most of the discussion for you guys in the comments, but a few quick notes:

1.  Hannahan was set to pinch-hit for Barton if Mark Ellis didn't ground into a game-ending double play.

2.  Missing three of our best relievers to the Disabled List really shows, considering how many close games the A's play.

3.  Emil Brown made a few bad throws tonight in left field.  

4.  Carlos Gonzalez had an outstanding major league debut, with two doubles and a couple of good defensive efforts.  

I know we're only one game in, but it's easy to visualize him to him staying up here for good.  And if that's the case, he was called up late enough in the year that he won't be a Super 2 arbitration case down the road.  

Please do bring up other key issues from the game in the comments below.