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Losing Sucks, But It's Best To Remove Hope First

Remember that feeling of frustration yesterday, when the A's took a well-pitched 1-1 game and gave it away in the 9th? Remember how much it hurts to see another team come back after we had the lead and steal the game away from us? Compared to those pains we know all too well, today's 12-0 shellacking at the hand of the Blue Jays is a regular walk in the park. The A's got behind early, and saw Toronto score in five consecutive innings, from the 2nd to the 6th, while our offense, with the exception of Jack Hannahan's wasted 3-4, did absolutely nothing.

The way I see it is if you're going to lose, do it in style. Don't even try and waste a few runs scored by your offense here and there. It's best to hold on to them and wait for a closer contest. And today's game is best never talked about again.

Following a stellar complete game 9-1 win against the Rays last week, Eveland was nowhere near his best today. In fact, today's start, lasting 4 1/3 innings, was his shortest on the season, on top of allowing 7 runs and 11 hits. His ERA, a sparkling 2.90 before the contest, now sits three-quarters of a point higher, at 3.66.

And it's not as if his replacement was all that much better. Relieving Eveland in the 5th, Dallas Braden walked four in 2 and 2/3 innings, including back to back batters in the fifth, forcing in a run, before forcing a double play. But by then it was 7-0, and the Blue Jays got runners on in each of the first 7 innings.

If that weren't enough, by the time it was 10-0 in the 9th, Shannon Stewart got some revenge on his old ball club, tattooing a 2-run homer, making it 12-0. Now, with the wheels completely off, Jack Cust reminded us why he is a great DH and muffed a play in the outfield. If there's any positive spin to be made of that, it's that by then the game was clearly no longer in doubt.

So... after sweeping the Red Sox, and winning 5 straight through Tuesday, the A's have now turned. They lost the last two games in the three-game set to the Blue Jays, and got smashed today. Thomas landed on the Disabled List, and an 0-4 performance by Eric Chavez in his season debut didn't exactly remind us of puppies and daffodils.

With this loss behind them, the A's pack up and ship out to Arlington, where they'll face Ron Washington and the Texas Rangers for a quick three-game set, returning home Monday to face the Tigers.