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Open Thread: Game 52 - A's vs. Blue Jays

Greg Smith, it has been noted, is among those who may gain consideration as the A's All-Star Game representative. Smith takes his impressive credentials, which include a 3.18 ERA, into tonight's game, opposed by the oft electric and even more oft injured, A. J. Burnett. Although Smith's changeup helps him to be effective against right-handed batters, it's worth noting that Smith has thoroughly dominated left-handed batters, who are hitting just .158 against him in 56 ABs with two walks and no HRs.

Meanwhile, tonight marks the first confrontation between Frank Thomas and the team that cut him loose. Remember that in Thomas' return to Chicago in 2006, he HRed twice and wound up HRing 4 times in 19 ABs against the White Sox. When you see Shannon Stewart DHing tonight for the Blue Jays, however, you'll understand why Toronto simply had no room for the Big Hurt.

The lineups, which do not feature Eric Chavez on the first day he is now eligible to return to the big league roster anytime:

Stewart - DH
Hill - 2B
Rios - CF
Rolen - 3B
Barajas - C
Mench - RF
Overbay - 1B
Scutaro - LF
Eckstein - SS

Hannahan - 3B
Crosby - SS
Cust - LF
Thomas - DH
R. Sweeney - CF
E. Brown - RF
Ellis - 2B
Barton - 1B
Suzuki - C