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HRs? CGs? Get 'Em Here!

The A's shook off their recent offensive woes, scoring 9, on the back of two home runs by Jack Cust, another home run by leadoff man Jack Hannahan, and Dana Eveland went the full nine innings, en route to a 9-1 victory, thwarting the Rays' chances for a sweep, and keeping the A's record safely above .500, at 25-23.

When I saw this afternoon's lineup, featuring Hannahan in the leadoff position and Crosby batting second, I didn't know what to expect. It certainly didn't seem like a 1-9 I would have drawn up. But the pair combined for a 4-9 mark, with a double, Hannahan's home run, a walk and 3 RBIs, all in front of today's masher, Cust, who finished the game with 4 RBI. With that kind of production at the top of the order, Thomas and Barton's combined 0-6 showing could be easily excused. The A's struck for runs in five consecutive innings, coasting to a 9-0 lead, with Eveland tossing a 3-hit gem.

Eveland's mastery of the Rays cannot be overstated. Despite his pedestrian 4-3 mark, Eveland has been a godsend for the A's rotation, and now sports a 2.90 ERA, ridiculous in this time of high scoring games. Eveland added 5 K's against only 1 walk, and wrapped up the contest without even breaking the 100 pitch barrier. Are we taking notes, fellow A's pitchers? This is how you get it done.

I like home runs for sure, but I love complete games!

Also: an update on The ANtics... where are they?