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Open Thread: Game 48 - A's vs. Rays

May has not been the kindest month for the A's so far. After spending a good portion of April alone in first place in the AL West, the team's slowing offense and weak defense seem to finally have caught up. While the team's not being blown out, they're simply not doing enough to bring home the W. Now, pending the outcome of this afternoon's contest, the A's are on the verge of being swept by a surprising Tampa Bay Rays team, and seeing their record fall to the .500 mark, at 24-24.

Working to make sure that doesn't happen is Dana Eveland, who checks in with a similar .500 mark, at 3-3, with an ERA of 3.23 and a WHIP of 1.28. He will be opposed by Andy Sonnanstine, who already has won six games (and lost one) in this campaign, matching his win record from last year, when he spotted a 6-10 mark.

In a season where we started the campaign with low expectations, we've been pulled to and fro at times, wondering if this is a talented team that's getting ready to turn the corner, or if the early success was indeed a mirage. Should the A's pull a win out of today's contest, it'd go a long way toward restoring our confidence. So... here's what I ask. No injuries. No errors. Just one win. Thanks.


Their 2008 "Devil" Rays
1. Iwamura (2B)
2. Bartlett (SS)
3. Upton (CF)
4. Peña (1B)
5. Longoria (3B)
6. Floyd (DH)
7. Gomes (LF)
8. Gross (RF)
9. Riggans (C)

Your 2008 Oakland Athletics
1. Hannahan (3B)
2. Crosby (SS)
3. Cust (LF)
4. Thomas (DH)
5. Sweeney (CF)
6. Brown (RF)
7. Barton (1B)
8. Suzuki (C)
9. Petit (2B)