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Open Thread: Game 47 - A's vs. Rays

What the A's really need right now is to face Scott Kazmir. Oy yoy.

Before I get to tonight's game, allow me (since you have no choice) a quick rant about the "Geren keeps leaving Blanton in too long!" refrain. Joe Blanton has no career history of flaming out in the 6th inning, just a slight tendency so far this season. The rest of the A's rotation consists of two pitchers (Harden, Duchscherer) who have been on pitch counts more often than not, and two pitchers (Eveland, Smith) who are rookies without major league track records or levels of endurance. Blanton's ERA for the season, all 6th innings and all misplayed fly balls included, is 3.69. If only Joe Blanton, and Geren's judgment on when to yank Blanton, were the biggest problems facing the Oakland A's.

The biggest problem is, in fact, that the team isn't all that good at getting on base, is even worse on the bases, and is downright allergic to the 5-pointed one. Matched up against Kazmir, the man they could call Smithers may have to be...{rubs 104 year old hands together}...eggcellent...

The lineups:

Bartlett - SS
Crawford - LF
Upton - CF
Peña - 1B
Longoria - 3B
Navarro - C
Gomes - DH
Hinske - RF
Zobrist - 2B

Hannahan - 3B
Crosby - SS
M. Sweeney - 1B
Thomas - DH
E. Brown - RF
Cust - LF
Suzuki - C
Petit - 2B
Davis - CF