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Open Game Thread: Game 31 - A's vs. Rangers

Joe Blanton vs. Vicente Padilla.  Cupcakes vs. Alcohol. 

What is it about Friday night A's games and compelling human-interest stories  from the opposing starting pitcher?  (Also, what is it about awkward run-on sentence constructions?) 

Padilla has been publicly lambasted for being a headhunter, too.  Last year he got into this fracas with Nick Swisher .  However, I don't think you'll see that tonight. It's nice having Frank Thomas, Mike Sweeney, and Jack Cust in the dugout - it tends to cut down on bench-clearing pitches when you have three bouncers on your 25-man roster.  Pitchers haven't really messed with Sweeney ever since they found out that he uses his helmet as a weapon when he charges the mound .

The 18-12 A's, fresh off a split with the Angels, take on Ron Washington's Rangers tonight at 7:05.

D. Barton 1b
J. Hannahan 3b .
J. Cust lf
F. Thomas dh
E. Brown rf
R. Bowen c
B. Crosby ss .
R. Sweeney cf

D. Murphy 2b


I. Kinsler 2b
M. Young ss
J. Hamilton cf .
M. Bradley dh
D. Murphy rf
B. Boggs lf
B. Broussard 1b
G. Laird c .
R. Vazquez 3b