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In my little fantasy world ...

Scarlett Johansson.

A lifetime supply of Reddi Whip.

And 6 more feet on Barton's drive to the right-field wall in the bottom of the 13th.

Aw, shit.

Rays 7, A's 6

Daric Barton came this close to tying the game on a massive, arcing smash off of Troy Percival. But the ball came down against the wall, Barton ended up on third (with Emil Brown, who had {gasp} walked, scoring to bring the A's within one), and Kurt Suzuki popped out to end the game.

That was a hell of a swing Barton put on the ball. Three or four hours earlier, and that ball is out -- by a long way. I think we can say that, while Barton hasn't totally snapped out of his funk, he's starting to develop his power stroke.

And we also have to say that Evan Longoria ... uh ... already has his power stroke applying to Ivy League schools for early admission. While Barton was unable to defeat the marine layer in his quest to go yard, Longoria absolutely mutilated an aneurysm-inducing hanging slider from Gaudin that backed up ... oh, to about the Farallones.

All sorts of things got wasted in this game: Frank's first two homeruns since re-joining the A's, some excellent bullpen work from Street and Foulke, some timely and clutch contact-oriented hits from Frank and Ryan Sweeney -- not to mention the Rays' wasting of an outstanding start from James Shields.

And I think all of AN was wasted by the end of the game. I know I was.

Hopefully, this game may finally teach the A's organization two things: the need for some actual coaching of actual fundamentals (such as baserunning) in the minor league system, and that Joe Blanton is a 5-inning pitcher.