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Open Game Thread: Game 45 - A's at Atlanta


Oakland Athletics @ Atlanta Braves

05/18/08 10:35 AM PDT

Oakland Athletics Atlanta Braves

Rajai Davis - CF

Yunel Escobar - SS

Bobby Crosby - SS

Mark Kotsay - CF

Mike Sweeney - 1B

Chipper Jones - 3B

Jack Cust - LF

Mark Teixeira - 1B

Emil Brown - RF

Brian McCann - C

Jack Hannahan - 3B

Jeff Francoeur - RF

Rob Bowen - C

Kelly Johnson - 2B

Justin Duchscherer - P

Gregor Blanco - LF
Jo-Jo Reyes - P

I predict that this game is going to be entirely unpredictable.

We've just had two tight, relatively low-scoring contests, so of course today will turn out to be a slugfest. Or end up decided on penalty kicks.

The A's have their underused backup catcher and their newest rookie infielder starting (Petit making his MLB debut), so of course they'll be stale from sitting on the bench and have the yippity jitters, respectively. Or Bowen will knock two longballs and Petit will blossom into Rogers Hornsby before our eyes.

And the A's are facing a young lefty who projects as a back-of-the-rotation starter and gives up lots of baserunners, so of course they'll be no-hit for 5 innings. Or they'll work him for 4 walks in the first, and batter him off the mound before the end of the third.

From the A's perspective, I think the key to the game will be Duchscherer closing out innings--if he can avoid the one or two bad innings where the third out turns into a greased pig ... and keep the Braves from hitting any fly balls to left.

[Administrative note: I'll be heading to Warrantless Wiretap Park for the game today, so Taj Adib will be providing the game wrap and any late-inning new threads. I'll have a couple of fresh threads set to auto-post at 11:30 and 12:15: use 'em judiciously.]