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A's lose fourth straight, 3-2

The Braves' Mark Kotsay had to be smiling on his way home from the ballpark tonight, as his RBI double off an Alan Embree fastball was the difference in yet another low-scoring A's game.

What won't show up in tonight's box score is that the A's were thrown out at the plate twice in the game's first two innings.

Both Kurt Suzuki and Dana Eveland were gunned down at home, which one could argue was the difference in the game.

This prompted a few different reactions in the game thread, including some annoyance directed at the A's first-year third base coach, Tony DeFrancesco, for sending the starting pitcher home on a close play at the plate and running the A's out of the inning. Any time there's a play at the plate there's an increased risk of injury and that - coupled with the fact that Eveland isn't fast and doesn't get much practice sliding - made me think it was a bonehead decision to send him.

Now in the post-game wrap I'm changing my tune. The way this team is struggling to score runs, it's hard be upset about taking a chance.

You can vote in the poll below if you think it was right to send the base runners.