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Open Thread: Game 41 - A's at Cleveland

Well, in what seems like a familiar match-up, today's game will feature Joe Blanton against C.C. Sabathia as the A's try to even the series in Cleveland. Blanton is hoping that the curse of the 'starter who pitches very well, but ends up with nothing but a loss to show for it' went to Duchscherer last night, leaving the offense to score for him tonight.

The A's offense certainly needs to get up off the deck today and put some runs on the board. Some power would help (Thomas, I'm looking at you; it's time to heat up).

From's Mychael Urban this morning:

The scouts who love Joe Blanton say he has "good winability," noting that Oakland's big-boned righty gets deep into games and keeps his team close, even when he's having a bad night.

The scouts who aren't wild about Blanton say he gives up too many hits to win a lot more than he loses. Period.

The A's just need Blanton to keep the team in the game today while the A's try to put some numbers up against C.C. Here's to scoring that first run.


Oakland Athletics @ Cleveland Indians

05/14/08 4:05 PM PDT

Oakland Athletics Cleveland Indians
Rajai Davis - CF Grady Sizemore - CF
Mike Sweeney - 1B Jhonny Peralta - SS
Jack Cust - LF David Dellucci - LF
Frank Thomas - DH Victor Martinez - C
Emil Brown - RF Travis Hafner - DH
Bobby Crosby - SS Ryan Garko - 1B
Jack Hannahan - 3B Asdrubal Cabrera - 2B
Kurt Suzuki - C Ben Francisco - RF
Donnie Murphy - 2B Casey Blake - 3B


(Side note: After the game, there will be a poll asking if you will need a ticket to AN Day - please vote, so I can get a rough count!)