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Open Thread: Game 40 - A's at Cleveland

The A's got a break yesterday as the weather gods allowed the Indians to play a double-header. So instead of facing the A's, Fausto Carmona and Cliff Lee pitched yesterday, each throwing 9 scoreless innings.

Bob Geren has promised to get Kurt Suzuki a day off on this trip but it won't come tonight, even though Suzuki could have gotten a two-day break by sitting this one out. Perhaps the "comfort factor" wins out with Justin Duchscherer throwing to a more familiar catcher - history suggests perhaps Rob Bowen will get the start tomorrow when Joe Blanton takes the mound. Paul Byrd, who can spot his fastball almost as well as he can spot his favorite adult web site, goes for Cleveland. The lineups, sans Mark Ellis who is day-to-day with a mild pull below the waist (as seen on Byrd's favorite web site):


Suzuki - C

Barton - 1B

Cust - LF

Thomas - DH

Brown - RF

Hannahan - 3B

Crosby - SS

R. Sweeney - CF

Murphy - 2B


Sizemore - CF

Peralta - SS

Dellucci - LF

Martinez - C

Hafner - DH

Garko - 1B

Cabrera - 2B

Gutierrrez - RF

Blake - 3B