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AN Day V - The Tailgate

Well, the masses have spoken, and who am I to go against the crowd. By an overwhelming margin of victory, it looks like AN Day V will be held on Saturday, July 12, 2008 against the Angels.

Details will follow, but consider this your 'save the date'. Unfortunately, other A's fans think this is a neat day to come to the ballpark too, so the BBQ plazas we've been using for the last few years are all full.

BUT since this is a night game (6:05 start), this leaves us a wide margin of time to pull together something truly unique (that is becoming scarce in Major League Baseball parks): the tailgate.

Having a tailgate before the game would allow AN to meet together before the game starts, and would also allow for a wide range of participants in this activity, including season ticket holders with previously purchased tickets. If you do not yet have a ticket for this game, I'm going to get them at a great group rate, so please buy with the group if you are at all able to (I'm aiming for about $20), but even if you don't sit with the group, you are welcome at the tailgate.

I will need help, though, so if you are an Oakland regular interested in this event, I'm looking at  you. I need ideas on how to pull this off; I'm looking for grills, and whatever else we might need.

I think the easiest way to arrrange this to everyone's liking will be to have people bring their own tailgate food items (unless someone wants to pull off a Costco run) and if you are from out of town, we will find you an Oakland native who you can pay for food.

This is something new and different, and I'm interested in any and all feedback. I'm excited; it's certainly the best match-up we will see, and I think it will be great fun. If you want to help, please post in this thread, or email me at baseballgirl1976 at hotmail.

Thank you in advance-let's get this on the books!