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Our 15-Run, 20-Hit Roller Coaster Ride

When you ask a would-be DH who has never taken a real liking to the field to put on a glove and make plays, sometimes things can get a bit out of hand. With the A's adding Frank Thomas to the roster, last year's surprise star, Jack Cust, will be seeing a lot more time in the field, and every once in a while, he's going to drop a ball now and then. We saw it in person last season, and we saw it in Anaheim tonight.

But the reason the A's stick with a guy like Jack Cust is not because he's going to win us over in the field. He's here to swing the bat and get on base. And today, he did nothing but get on base... stroking four hits, including his long-awaited second home run of the year, and adding two walks, while scoring three runs, more than atoning for a costly second inning error that had some of us here on AN asking for his head on a plate.

Errors are bad. The A's have had more than their fair share this year, and yet, here we are on the first of May, tied for first place with the LA Angels, who everyone said was going to run away with the division this season. For every botched play by a Cust, or a Hannahan or a Barton, the A's hitters and pitching are doing their part to keep us in the win column. Tonight, we saw how the team can bounce back from frustration and not look back, drumming out 20 hits and 15 runs, making Sunday's 4 dollar Plaza level tickets look quite inviting.

Not to ignore the rest of the game, Duchscherer bounced back from his own 2nd inning woes, and Brown and Casilla continued their scoreless innings streak. Dallas Braden? Not so much. But that's why he was mopping up with a nine-run lead at the end of the game.