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A Thank You from Ken Korach

Ken Korach, the stellar play-by-play voice of the A's recently sent me a note that he wanted me to share with Athletics Nation.  He's been very happy with the support that he's received from AN for his charity effort.  If you aren't aware, Sporty Spice has organized an effort to back Korach and she deserves a ton of credit for doing something great .  You are still more than welcome to join.

Without further ado, here is what Ken would like to say:

Blez...I don't know if this is possible, but I wanted to send along a thank-you to the entire AN community for getting behind my charity.    It is so heartwarming and gratifying to have received such a wonderful response.

One thing I have learned about trying to raise money is that you can't be afraid to ask.   I understand that people have other important priorities  and we all probably get tired at some point of being asked to donate to a cause.      All I am trying to do is get the word out and this effort has confirmed that people have their hearts in the right place.   I really believe that by the end of the season, the high school baseball players in Oakland will have benefited greatly.
I can't thank you and everyone at AN enough.   Through good times and bad....good broadcasts and bad...the support has been something that I have never taken for granted.

By my own count, including the donations from AN, we are over $5,000 so far.