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Crosby, Ellis, Overshadow Smith in Tense A's Win

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If you gave me 10-1 odds at the beginning of the season that Bobby Crosby would be getting good wood on the ball in the opening weeks of the season, not hacking at slop, and actually becoming something resembling a run producer for the A's, I wouldn't have taken that bet. But somehow, although only nine games in to the campaign, it looks like it has happened. The 2004 ROY, who as the Blue Jays' announcers reminded us, has been seemingly injured ever since... went 3 for 5 this evening, driving in three runs, the eventual margin of victory in the 6-3 contest, which saw a 4-run 9th-inning comeback after the A's had not just one, but TWO pitchers make their major league debuts in the game.

Despite seeing the A's leave the bases loaded three separate times in the game, causing us to jab at our own entrails with a stick, in an attempt to distract from the pain, the team battled back from an early 3-0 first-inning deficit, eventually overtaking the Jays in the 9th, powered by a game-tying triple by Mark Ellis, Crosby, and the pair's former infield buddy, Marco Scutaro, who looked like the latest version of Chuck Knoblauch out there, unable to get his throw within three feet of the Jays' catcher.

While the late-inning heroics and luck are what we'll remember from tonight's win, which pushed the A's above .500, with a 5-4 mark (on track for 90-72 for you small sample size believers), we shouldn't overlook how Greg Smith shut down Toronto after a shaky first frame, and how Casilla, Fernando Hernandez and Street added three more scoreless innings to wrap it up. Of course, we'd have preferred Street not continue to make things so dang tense at the end, but it's quickly becoming clear he likes the spotlight.

Does Crosby's warm start make me think he's destined to finally reach his potential this year? I'm still skeptical. But at least for one evening, I can look back on the game, and say I knew Crosby would come through. He's Mr. Clutch.