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All's Well That Ends Well(s)

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A's 9, Jays 8 Ryan Sweeney's RBI triple in the 9th broke an 8-8 tie, as the A's survived a see-saw battle to outlast Toronto, 9-8. The A's led 6-3 early only to be tied 6-6, and saw an 8-6 lead evaporate on Frank Thomas' 2-run HR in the bottom of the 8th.

On Opening Night in Tokyo, the A's snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and when that happens you just try to remember that there will be other days where you could lose - but don't. There were so many positives to tonight's win - the season's most exciting game to date - that I can almost forgive Bob Geren for trotting out Alan Embree (that would be "winning pitcher Alan Embree") to start the 8th inning, when arguably any other choice, from leaving in Foulke for two more hitters, to bringing in Casilla, to using Street for the heart of the order in the 8th and asking Embree to handle the 9th, would have made more sense. What it takes to help me let go of that is when:

* Kurt Suzuki continues to look like the most accomplished hitter in the league this side of...Ryan Sweeney. Nice to have two rookies provide five hits in the 8-9 holes, with quality at bat after quality at bat.

* Travis Buck gets a hit!!!!!! (And then he gets another one!)

* Huston Street looks like his old self, hitting 92-93 MPH on the gun with life on it, and showcasing the signature slider with good location and late bite.

But once again, the story is Ryan Sweeney. My mom and I have a running joke, because initially she had trouble keeping the two Sweeneys straight. So I explained that "the good Sweeney" was right-handed and stockily built, and "the bad Sweeney" was left-handed and thin. So it was funny when Ryan went 4/4 the other day:

"Wait, which Sweeney was that?"

"Bad Sweeney again!"

"I thought so! Woo hoo, Bad Sweeney!"

Love me some Bad Sweeney!