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Open Thread: Game 8 - A's at Blue Jays

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Chad Gaudin has two things going for him: A healthy lat and a passport. So unlike 2/5 of the A's rotation, he's actually good to go. Rich Harden, who gets scratched more often than a vinyl record (young fans should look up what a vinyl record is), has been pushed back to Saturday, and so Gaudin will make his season debut tonight against hard-throwing righty A.J. Burnett. The A's will start the nine players who are healthy and have been allowed into Canada, specifically:

Buck - RF

Ellis - 2B

Barton - 1B

M. Sweeney - DH

Cust - LF

Crosby - SS

Hannahan - 3B

Suzuki - C

R. Sweeney - CF

For the Blue Jays:

Eckstein - SS

Stairs - LF

Rios - RF

V. Wells - CF

Big Hurt - DH

Overbay - 1B

Hill - 2B

Marco...SCUTARO!!! - 3B

Zaun - C