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Open Game Thread: Game 7 - A's vs. Indians

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Am I obligated here to make some sort of bad pun about floor cleanliness, or to make speculative p=mv calculations?

Well, I ain't gonna do either.

The A's go for their third consecutive win against the Indians, before flying out for a series in Toronto starting Tuesday.

Joe Blanton starts for the A's, and Cliff Lee for the Indians.

Expect to see Mike Sweeney and Emil Brown in the lineup again (both righties, both with a lot of exposure to Lee having played in the AL Central for most of their careers). I'd hope that Geren holds Buck out of the lineup one more day, facing a (not-so-tough) lefty. Other than that (especially still this early in the season and with an off-day tomorrow), I'd anticipate basically the same lineup as yesterday.

Funny the way memory plays tricks on you: I could have sworn that Lee had faced the A's more than 7 times in his career. After Sweeney and Brown, the only active Athletic with double-digit ABs vs. Lee is ... Bobby Crosby. Granted, there's been some serious roster turnover.

Blanton, on the other hand, has had a bit more exposure to the Indians' lineup. As per Blanton's pitching style, he's given up a fair amount of hits, but been able to (mostly) minimize their damage by not walking too many.

While Icin' Joe doesn't have many appreciable platoon splits, he does have an interesting penchant for giving up longballs to righties: over his career, he's surrendered 39 HRs to right-handed hitters in 332 innings, vs. 18 in 313 innings to lefties. And righty Ryan Garko has 2 HRs in 6 career ABs against Joe (including going back-to-back with Jhonny Peralta last September). I'd expect Blanton to pitch aggressively in the zone against the Tribe and to continue his success in keeping his walks down, but to pitch very carefully to Garko with men on base.

Off-the-cuff Rev Halofan-style prediction: Blanton does, indeed, keep his walks and pitches down, but also does surrender another solo HR to Garko (approaching Garko more aggressively with a lead and no one on base in front of him). Seven innings, 6 hits, 1 BB, 1 R. Cust and Crosby continue to hit the ball hard, the sun peeks through around noon to warm up the air, and the A's score 5. Street comes in for some work ... and gives up another solo HR. 5-2, A's.



Sizemore CF

Cabrera 2B

Hafner DH

Garko 1B

Peralta SS

Dellucci LF

Michaels RF

Marte 3B

Shoppach C


Buck RF

Ellis 2B

Barton 1B

M Sweeney DH

E Brown LF

Crosby SS

Hannahan 3B

Suzuki C

R Sweeney

In M*A*S*H news, Duke is set for an MRI today, and Richie Robnett, well ...

Robnett is going to play through Sunday with the Ports before undergoing surgery on Monday in San Francisco to remove a benign tumor from his stomach. He expects to miss seven to 10 days and then return to the River Cats.


Rev Halofan-style off-the-cuff game predictions ...

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