Korach Charity -- Let's Help

Ken Korach is starting a charity called the Winning for the Community Foundation to help local Oakland school baseball programs. Link.

Ken will be donating $100 for every A's victory this year, and the A's Community Fund will match that money. Korach says he's hoping others step up and contribute.

Let's do it.

Not only is it a good cause, but it would  be a meaningful way for us to show Korach how much we appreciate him. He's one of the absolute best in the game, and has been a good friend of AN over the years.

Whether you can afford 25 cents per win, or a $1 per win, or $5 a win, or like Ken, $100 per win,  the money can make a difference.

To start things off, I'll pledge $2 per win. This is one time, I'd be thrilled  to write a check for more than $162.

You can join the growing list of contributors by posting your donation below, or if you'd rather be anonymous, you can email me at