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Open Thread: Game 5 - A's vs. Indians

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Justin Duchscherer makes his first regular season start since 2003 tonight as the A's begin a three-game series at home against the Indians tonight at 7:05.

Paul "I have a prescription for that" Byrd will be on the hill for the Tribe. 

Three quick facts about Paul Byrd:

1.  His teammates sometimes call him "Frasier" because of his resemblance to actor Kelsey Grammer.

2.  He's the rare MLB pitcher who still uses the old-fashioned windup.

3.  He's published an incredibly honest manuscript of his life, detailing his devout Christianity and an addiction he's struggled with

Let's hope the A's generate some offense tonight against Byrd.  A wise woman once said, "If you can't score a single run, pitching doesn't matter."  The A's have only managed 11 in their first four games and have put up a .183/.275/.317 line as a team.