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Open Thread: Game 29 - A's at Angels

Same time, same place again tonight as the A's try to rebound from yesterday's tough loss (it's hard to waste a pitching performance like that and be too happy about it), and earn at least a series split to keep a share of first place in the West.

Taking the mound for the A's will be Dana Eveland in his first career start against the Angels. Things don't get any easier for the A's offense, as the Angels will throw yet another great pitcher; this time in the person of Ervin Santana, who is 4-0 on the year. Look for Daric Barton to be back in the lineup tonight as the A's try to split the series early, and look to tomorrow for a chance at a win.



Figgins, 2B
Matthews, LF
Guerrero, RF
Hunter, CF
Aybar, SS
Rivera, DH
Kotchman, 1B
Mathis, C
Brown, M, 3B

Your 2008 Oakland Athletics:

Suzuki, C
Ellis, 2B
Barton, 1B
Thomas, DH
Brown, E, RF
Cust, LF
Crosby, SS
Hannahan, 3B
Sweeney, R CF