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Open Thread: Game 28 - A's at Angels

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Following last night's game the season is exactly 1/6 gone, which is how we know that:


  * The A's will finish the season 102-60.


  * Joe Blanton will be the tough-luck loser of 24 of those games.


  * Emil Brown will drive in 150 runs.


Meanwhile, tonight it's...


GERG!!! The battle of young lefties features Greg Smith against Joe Saunders, and for the third time this season the starting lineup has not a left-handed hitter to be found, as Bob Geren apparently took this morning's post very seriously and decided that not only must Denorfia or Davis start at all times...they should both start:


Suzuki - C

Ellis - 2B

G. Sweeney - 1B

B. Hurt - DH

E. Brown - RF

Crosby - SS

Murphy - 3B

Denorfia - LF

Davis - CF


Figgins - 2B

Matthews Jr. - LF

Guerrero - RF

Hunter - CF

Aybar - SS

Quinlan - 1B

Anderson - DH

Mathis - C

Wood - 3B