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Open Game Thread: Game 26 - A's at Mariners

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No A's on tv and no beer make monkeyball something something.

Cupcakes vs. King Felix. Should be a fast game, no matter the outcome.

Expect to see the A's continue to alternate the L/R "Super" lineup per the starting pitching matchup. Hernandez doesn't exactly have what I'd call a platoon split -- lefties merely struggle against him, while right-handers curl up in a fetal position in the batter's box and whimper like beaten dogs. I'd say today might be a good day to finally give one or both of our right-handed middle infielders a chance to rest, except that (a) the A's only have one spare middle infielder, (b) he's right-handed (although Paddy Fields does have a double off Hernandez), (c) Mark Ellis actually has the most experience of any Athletic vs. Hernandez and has had decent success (8/26 ... albeit all singles ... and no walks), and (d) Crosby has looked decent against lefties and righties this year --

Great googly moogly!

Crosby has a nearly .400-point OPS platoon differential this year! Plus, he's 1/13 against Hernandez. That's enough for me. We're in the middle of a stretch of 16 consecutive games with no days off. Today would be an ideal day for Bobby to take a rest. (Likewise for Zook.)

On the flip side of the coin, Blanton generally has pitched well against the Mariners -- with the exception of getting doinked to death by Betancourt, Johjima, and Ichiro. If Joe can keep the Mariners from bunching their singles (and he and Suzuki/Bowen can keep a lid on their running game), he should be fine.

So, yes, as it turns out, Crosby is in today (I'm expecting him to strike out twice and ground out weakly to 2B against Hernandez) but Bowen is in for Zook at C. The thing I don't like about our non-Super LH lineup is that with all the immobile DH/1B options, Emil doesn't have a platoon partner. C'mon, though, Bob: if you're gonna run Emil out there against Felix, you do not bat him third.



Ellis 2B

Barton 1B

Brown RF

Thomas DH

Cust LF

Crosby SS

RSweeney CF

Bowen C

Hannahan 3B


Suzuki CF

Lopez 2B

Ibanzez LF

Beltre 3B

Norton DH

Sexson 1B

Wilkerson RF

Johjima C

Betancourt SS