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Open Game Thread: Game 23 - A's vs. Mariners

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The A's kick off an important road trip today against Seattle at 7:10 p.m., fresh off Thursday's invigorating rout of the Twins in Frank Thomas' A's debut redux. 

I began this season thinking I'd use game thread previews to discuss a human-interest element involving the opposing team's SP, and tonight game grants us yet another interesting human, right up there with the religiously devout reformed porn addict   % and the most sabermetrically-influenced player in baseball , both of whom we've profiled in this space on previous Fridays. 

Today the Mariners send out Miguel Batista, who writes poetry and novels in his spare time , including this one about about a serial killer (excerpt of Miguel's writing included).   

Meanwhile, the A's counter with Dana Eveland, one of AL's leading pitchers thus far with a 1.90 ERA and 1.18 WHIP in his four starts.  Although he hasn't written any crime novels I am told that he has read several books.

% = Byrd's "problem" inspired, IMO, the three best consecutive QOTMs in AN history  by Nico, FSU and Monkeyball within the first 20 comments. 

Tonight's lineup hasn't been posted yet but will likely include Cust in left field and Big Hurt DHing, with Barton and Hannahan back in at their customary hot corners against a right-handed pitcher. 

The A's are 14-9. They can split their next four games and still be on a 96-win pace with exactly one-sixth of the season in the books.  If they could somehow keep that pace going for the remainder of the year they'd be division champs. 

Let's go Oakland!