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AN Day V - Coming Soon!

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First of all, I can't believe that we've had five years of AN days, but I don't think the calendar is lying to us!

Blez and I are currently working on dates for AN Day (most likely a weekend in August), and I thought I would start to get the word out there. I will put it to a vote as soon as we have some concrete dates, but I wanted everyone to know that this is in the works.

For those of you who haven't attended an AN Day, it's an amazing experience to watch an A's home game with people that many of us have only 'met' online. It includes a BBQ beforehand, usually a special speaker, and some prizes and giveaways.

We are aiming to make this year's the best one yet, so if you haven't attended in the past, please come (NRAF's, we'll give you time to book a flight)! And for those of you who attend regularly, we will see you there!