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Two Bloops Bite A's In The End

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Jason Kubel's bloop single in the 8th broke a 4-4 tie, as the Twins won a see-saw battle over Joe Blanton and the A's. Final Score: Twins 5, A's 4.

In a game like tonight's, the temptation is to focus on the last run, the one which broke a 4-4 tie. That run, driven home on an 0-2 pitch by Alan Embree, came on a Jason Kubel bloop single that hung in the air forever before landing between Ryan Sweeney and Bobby Crosby.

The reality, though, is that everything leading up to the bloop hit that scored Joe Mauer - who had reached on a bloop hit - mattered more. Jack Hannahan may not be hitting, but he needs to be fielding, and his error opened the door for a two-run top of the 5th inning. The A's defense has been very poor in April and given the number of tight games they figure to play, this team cannot afford to give away so many routine outs. And before we feel too sorry for ourselves for the bloopapalooza that produced run #5, let's remember that Blanton had a chance to hold a 4-3 lead when Craig Monroe blasted an anything-but-a-bloop over the left-field wall to tie the game.

So the A's had chances to avoid being the victims of bad luck - and then got a bit unlucky, to say the least, in the 8th. Or was it another defensive lapse? I don't know because THE GAME WASN'T ON TV!" Sorry. It sure seemed like the ball was up there an awful long time. Did Ryan Sweeney get a poor jump on it? Was he playing too deep? Or was it just a classic case of "hit 'em where they ain't"? I'll leave it to people who have eyes to sort that one out.