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Open Thread: Game 21 - A's vs. Twins

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In a matchup of two pitchers who always come up big, Joe Blanton matches up against Livan Hernandez tonight. This Tuesday night game against the Twins, in which the forecast calls for cold weather with a chance of showers, is expected to draw one fan. Oh, you're not going? Never mind. :-(

A's-Twins games are known for being low-scoring and close (come to think of it, one may have to do with the other), so you could see the managers playing for one run more, or earlier, than usual - especially considering that the Twins are without Michael Cuddyer and the A's are without Frank Thomas anyone like Mauer or Morneau.

One other roster note: With Keith Foulke going on the DL, the A's have called up lefty Dallas Braden to help bolster the bullpen. It would be interesting to see Braden tried more as a LOOGY, as in his stint in the big leagues last year, Braden had success against left-handed hitters (.214 BAA, 1.02 WHIP) but was eaten alive by right-handed hitters (.324 BAA, 1.78 WHIP). However, with DiNardo having been pressed into starting duty over the last 10 days, Braden wiill likely be saved as a long-reliever, at least for the time being.

  Minnesota's lineup:

Gomez - CF

Harris - 2B

Mauer - C

Morneau - 1B

Young - LF

Kubel - RF

Monroe - DH

Lamb - 3B

Punto - SS

  Oakland's lineup:

Suzuki - C (We totally have the division's second-best leadoff hitter named Suzuki)

D. Barton - 1B (I put the "D" so that you'd know it's Dale)

Ellis - 2B

Cust - DH

E. Brown - RF (I put the "E" so that you'd know it's not Andrew in RF)

R. Sweeney - CF (I put the "R" so that you'd know it's not Mike in CF)

Crosby - SS

Buck - RF (late scratch, shin splints) Denorfia - LF

Hannahan - 3B