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Buying Bonds and Getting Hurt

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So I'm sitting here watching the Red Sox and Rangers and listening to Ken Macha do the color for the broadcast because Jerry Remy, the Sox usual color guy, is out ill.  Let me just tell you, Ken Macha is one uninteresting guy.  Holy mackerel.

Any way, Scott Ostler of the Chronicle published a column suggesting that the A's could and probably should be interested in, get this, signing Frank Thomas AND Barry Bonds.  Hell, that would be one powerful middle of the lineup, but there's one major flaw in his plan, which Ostler doesn't even mention.  Both of these guys are basically designated hitters at this point in their careers.  And unless Charlie Finley is coming back to talk Selig into having a NEW designated hitter rule for them to hit for an alternate position like second base or catcher or something, there isn't really a place for both of them.

Yeah, well we currently have Jack Cust running out to left field on a semi-regular basis right now.  Bonds is probably an improvement over Cust there.  The A's would essentially have to let go of both Cust and Mike Sweeney in order to fit both of these guys into their plans.  At the same time, Beane would ultimately have to be convinced of two things.  First, that the A's are actually going to be good all season long and will remain in the running for the AL West.  Second, that having both of these guys would actually HELP all your young talent coming up rather than teach them to be clubhouse cancers.  Frank Thomas showed that he could be a good influence before in 2006 and he was one of the most enjoyable A's at the plate we've seen since the days of the Bash Brothers and Rickey.  Bonds...well, I'm not so sure.

Although there is this from that same article:

However, both Thomas and Bonds are hungry to play, and as one A's insider said, "Bonds has already been humbled by being out of a job."

The A's apparently seem to think he's already been humbled, but humbled enough to help a young team compete for a division title in 2008?

And then there's the question about whether or not Billy Beane really WANTS the team to be competitive in 2008.  I mean, of course he would ideally want the A's to win the World Series, but he didn't put this team together for this year.  He wants to have a good team on the field, but he also wants to look ahead and if the team hangs up by the Angels at the top of the division for a long time, it becomes harder to justify trading away a Joe Blanton or Mark Ellis to a contending team for a bunch of help-us-later talent.

I don't think there's any question that the A's would get a lot better with both Bonds and Frank Thomas hitting third and fourth in this lineup.  It's just that there is a lot more of a consideration to the season than making like Nike and just doing it.

I know there's been a ton of discussion about Frank Thomas coming back to the green and gold, but what do you guys think?  I know Ostler was just throwing crap against a wall seeing what stuck, but it is an intriguing idea, especially for a team that's been pretty damn good so far without hitting really any home runs.