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Open Game Thread: Game 20 - A's vs. Royals

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Frank Thomas is not starting for the A's today.

And, despite Taj Adib's certainty, neither, it seems, is Travis Buck. (Slusser reports that it's likely Buck gets today off to to take advantage of tomorrow's off-day to rest his shin splints.)

One person who is starting for the A's is Dana "Evel Kni-" Eveland, who hopes to successfully jump Luke "Snake" Hochevar (Canyon) in a matchup of rookie pitchers.

Hopefully, Evel's start will go better than this video of his last start against the White Sox:

It's reasonable to expect that the A's will (or should) exercise patience at the plate against Hochevar, hoping to get into the awful (and now overtaxed, albeit mercifully Nomo-free) KC bullpen. If Snake drops in a lot of first-pitch strikes, though, we may be in for a frustrating afternoon.

Interesting to see Bowen in there, with Zook getting a day off. Also "interesting" is the A's OF. A couple more games with this alignment of starters, and I'll hop on the Patrol Craft.


Kansas City

Gathright CF

German 2B

Teahen LF

Butler 1B

Guillen RF

Gordon 3B

Olivo DH

Buck C

Callaspo SS


Ellis 2B

Barton 1B

Brown RF

Cust DH

Crosby SS

R Sweeney CF

Denorfia LF

Bowen C

Hannahan 3B